IMC 2017: Sessions

Session 1305: 'Another Dante', IV: Another Classical Tradition

Wednesday 5 July 2017, 16.30-18.00

Sponsor:Leeds Centre for Dante Studies, University of Leeds / Oxford Medieval Studies Programme, University of Oxford
Organisers:David Bowe, Somerville College, University of Oxford
Rory D. Sellgren, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds
Moderator/Chair:Pietro Delcorno, Leeds Humanities Research Institute / School of Languages, Cultures & Societies - Italian, University of Leeds
Paper 1305-aAnother Way of Studying the Relationship between Dante and the Classics: Testing a New Trend
(Language: English)
Leyla M. G. Livraghi, Dipartimento di Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica, Università di Pisa
Index terms: Language and Literature - Italian, Medievalism and Antiquarianism
Paper 1305-bDante and the Romans d’Antiquité: Reconsidering Classical Epic through Vernacular Verse
(Language: English)
Sophie Fuller, Department of Italian, University College London
Index terms: Language and Literature - French or Occitan, Language and Literature - Italian, Language and Literature - Latin, Learning (The Classical Inheritance)
Paper 1305-cAnother Amore: Figures of Love in the Vita Nova
(Language: English)
Rebecca Bowen, Faculty of Medieval & Modern Languages, University of Oxford
Index terms: Language and Literature - Italian, Medievalism and Antiquarianism

‘Another Dante’ is a series which explores Dante’s texts, contexts, receptions, and rewritings, as well as questions and critiques the concept of a dominant centre (canonical/social/critical) implicit in the concept of ‘otherness’. Subjects include women’s voices in Dante and Dante Studies, salvation in and after the Commedia, Dantean alternatives, and another classical tradition. We will also have a round table discussion on ‘Dantes and Dantisms’. Follow our discussions on social media with #AnotherDante. This series has been co-organized by David Bowe, Somerville College, Oxford, and Rory Sellgren, IMS, Leeds, under the sponsorship of the Leeds Centre for Dante Studies.