IMC 2017: Sessions

Session 1320: The 'Other' Women: Aspects of the Harem

Wednesday 5 July 2017, 16.30-18.00

Organiser:Ann R. Christys, Independent Scholar, Leeds
Moderator/Chair:Ann R. Christys, Independent Scholar, Leeds
Respondent:Leslie Brubaker, Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman & Modern Greek Studies / Institute of Archaeology & Antiquity, University of Birmingham
Paper 1320-aThe Abbasid Harem: Fantasy versus Reality
(Language: English)
Maha Baddar, Department of Writing, Pima Community College, Arizona
Index terms: Gender Studies, Islamic and Arabic Studies, Women's Studies
Paper 1320-bThe 'Other' Female Voice in The Arabian Nights
(Language: English)
Sally Hany Abed, Department of World Languages & Cultures, University of Utah
Index terms: Gender Studies, Islamic and Arabic Studies, Women's Studies
Paper 1320-cThe Public Sphere during the Abbasid Period, 750-1258 AD: The Role of Sufi Women
(Language: English)
Atta Muhammad, School of Languages, Cultures & Societies - Arabic, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, University of Leeds
Index terms: Archaeology - General, Islamic and Arabic Studies, Social History, Women's Studies

The first paper will contrast orientalist representations of the Abbasid harem with accounts by medieval Arab historians, showing how residents of the harem, slaves, and members of the caliphal family used the means available to them to circumvent an oppressive space. The second paper will examine the multivalent significance of the voice of Dunyazad, Scheherazade’s sister, in The Arabian Nights in structuring the tales and her depiction as ‘other’ both textually and visually within the wider context of medieval Arab female voices. The third speaker examines the role of women in the public sphere during the later Abbasid period.