IMC 2017: Sessions

Session 1614: In Other Words: Redrawing Frameworks Using the 'Global Middle Ages' as Method, II

Thursday 6 July 2017, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:AHRC Network 'Defining the Global Middle Ages'
Organiser:Naomi Standen, Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages (CeSMA), University of Birmingham
Moderator/Chair:Catherine Holmes, Faculty of History, University of Oxford
Paper 1614-aPolitical Economy as 'Other': The View from the Global Middle Ages?
(Language: English)
Simon Stuart Yarrow, Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages, University of Birmingham
Index terms: Historiography - Modern Scholarship, Political Thought
Paper 1614-bIlkhanid Translation Project: Toward Meso-History between Global and Local Perspectives
(Language: English)
Yoichi Isahaya, ERC Project 'Mobility, Empire & Cross Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia', Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Index terms: Historiography - Modern Scholarship, Language and Literature - Comparative

Global medievalists seek meaning from positions within a context of globalised and post-colonial modernity, inescapably aware of troubling and persistent power relationships – economic, political, and intellectual – between Global North and South. But in this framing, modernity also exerts power over a medieval Other. The papers in these panels seek to create spaces where the medieval can speak back to the hegemonic power of the modern, using the Global Middle Ages as a method through which to propose readings of global medieval cases that unpick and unpack standard concepts and vocabulary such as encounter, identity, the local, nomadism, religion, and the state.