IMC 2017: Sessions

Session 639: Medieval Prosopography, II: Online Databases and Prosopographical Research

Tuesday 4 July 2017, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Medieval Prosopography
Organiser:Jonathan Lyon, Department of History, University of Chicago, Illinois
Moderator/Chair:Julie A. Hofmann, Department of History, Shenandoah University, Virginia
Paper 639-aUnknown Unknowns: Using 'The Making of Charlemagne's Europe' Database for Social History Research
(Language: English)
Rachel Stone, University of Bedfordshire
Index terms: Charters and Diplomatics, Computing in Medieval Studies, Genealogy and Prosopography, Social History
Paper 639-bByzantine Prosopography: Still Evolving
(Language: English)
Charlotte Roueché, Department of Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies / Department of Classics, King's College London
Index terms: Byzantine Studies, Computing in Medieval Studies, Genealogy and Prosopography
Paper 639-cCrusaders to the Holy Land, 1095-1291: The Uses (and Abuses) of a Prosopographical Database
(Language: English)
Guy Perry, St Peter's College, University of Oxford
Index terms: Computing in Medieval Studies, Crusades, Genealogy and Prosopography

Numerous recent books and articles demonstrate that prosopography is enjoying something of a ‘renaissance’, thanks to new research into networks, family ties, collective biography, and new technology-driven forms of prosopographical analysis. This session, sponsored by the journal Medieval Prosopography, will highlight some of this recent research, as well as fostering dialogue between scholars working in different times and places. The focus of this session will be online databases and the types of prosopographical research they make possible.