IMC 2017: Sessions

Session 820: Gender Crossings

Tuesday 4 July 2017, 16.30-18.00

Moderator/Chair:Roberta Magnani, Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Research (MEMO), Swansea University
Paper 820-aWhen Men Sing as Women: Representations of the Other Gender in Frauenlieder
(Language: English)
J. Carlos Teixeira, Centro de Investigação Transdisciplinar 'Cultura, Espaço e Memória' (CITCEM), Universidade do Porto
Index terms: Gender Studies, Language and Literature - German

Paper -a:
Even though ‘Minnesang’ was produced by male authors, there is a series of songs, which scholarship has designated as Frauenlieder, in which the lyric subject identifies itself not as a man, but as a woman. This paper intends to discuss how the male poets such as Hartman von Aue and Reinmar depicted the ‘other gender’ in their songs, particularly in light of the extremely restricted, normative gender constructions which exist in courtly literature; furthermore, it is my intention to ascertain what kind of implications this type of depiction of the ‘other’ had on the representation of men – the ‘self’.