IMC 2018: Sessions

Session 109: Transcultural Approaches to the Bible: Exegesis and Historical Writing in the Medieval Worlds, I

Monday 2 July 2018, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Bible & Historiography in Transcultural Iberian Societies, 8th-12th Centuries, Institut für Mittelalterforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien / FWF Project
Organiser:Matthias Martin Tischler, Institut d'Estudis Medievals, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Moderator/Chair:Kristin Skottki, Lehrstuhl für Mittelalterliche Geschichte, Universität Bayreuth
Paper 109-aBiblical Allusions as Markers of Social Hierarchy in 12th- and 13th-Century Sources of the Crusades
(Language: English)
Sini Kangas, School of Social Sciences & Humanities, University of Tampere
Index terms: Biblical Studies, Crusades, Social History, Theology
Paper 109-b'To understand the "effeminatos" in all people': Biblical Exegesis and Gendered Pastoral Care
(Language: English)
Lydia Marie Walker, Department of History, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Index terms: Biblical Studies, Gender Studies, Sermons and Preaching, Social History
Paper 109-c'Lupi rapaces': Biblical Typology and the Envisioning of Lithuanian Pagans, c. 1200-1400
(Language: English)
Stefan Donecker, Institut für Mittelalterforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien
Index terms: Biblical Studies, Crusades, Historiography - Medieval, Pagan Religions

The core idea behind this panel of three sessions is to bring together global scholarship working on the role of the Bible in the transcultural societies of the Euro-Mediterranean world and beyond in a strictly comparative and multidisciplinary manner. By focussing on the biblical background of perceptions of the religious and cultural ‘Self’ and ‘Other’ in the Mediterranean world and the Baltic Sea we will identify commonalities and differences of the ‘uses of the Bible’ in these worlds, and thus entangle and contrast studies on Bible manuscripts, their exegesis and their use for historical writing in the various medieval worlds.