IMC 2018: Sessions

Session 831: Material Culture and Landscapes, IV: Memory and Houses of Worship

Tuesday 3 July 2018, 16.30-18.00

Sponsor:Medieval Landscape/Seascape Research Group
Organisers:Daniel Brown, Historisches Institut, Universität zu Köln
Stefanie Schild, Independent Scholar, Hilden
Moderator/Chairs:James Michael Harland, Department of Arts, Design & Social Sciences, Northumbria University
Katherine Weikert, Department of Archaeology / Department of History, University of Winchester
Paper 831-aThe Medieval Cage Chantry and the Accuracy of Memory
(Language: English)
Cindy Wood, Department of History, University of Winchester
Index terms: Architecture - Religious, Art History - General
Paper 831-bPop Culture Pilgrimages: Conspiracies and Codes in the Carvings at Rosslyn
(Language: English)
Lizzie Swarbrick, School of Art History, University of Edinburgh
Index terms: Architecture - Religious, Mentalities
Paper 831-cWhom Should We Remember?: The Case of the Teutonic Order's Church and Castle in Pöide, Livonia
(Language: English)
Anneli Randla, Department of Conservation, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn
Index terms: Architecture - Religious, Art History - General, Geography and Settlement Studies

Memory can differ in many ways. It can present itself in a landscape, a certain place, a certain name, a manuscript or oral tradition for example. It can be interpreted and it can influence history and memory on its own. So it is no surprise that this topic can be found in various disciplines. The papers of this session illustrate how houses of worship and religious communities functioned as a repository of memory. It will be shown how communities themselves may function as lieux de memoire.