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IMC 2018: Sessions

Session 914: New Perspectives on Women and Justice: A Round Table Discussion

Tuesday 3 July 2018, 19.00-20.00

Sponsor:Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Research (MEMO), Swansea University
Organiser:Emma Cavell, Department of History, Swansea University
Moderator/Chair:Teresa Phipps, Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Research (MEMO), Swansea University

Scholarship on medieval women's experiences of justice has expanded over past decades. It now spans a wide range of jurisdictions across medieval Europe, as well as a range of legal actions, from petty trading complaints to cases of serious violence and abuse. This research is characterised by debates about agency, legal knowledge, the construction of gendered narratives, and women's capabilities and limitations as litigants. This round table will examine the state of the field and will explore new directions for further scholarship. Participants include those researching women's experiences of the law across several jurisdictions in medieval Britain and beyond, allowing for comparisons to be drawn across contexts.

Participants include Cordelia Beattie (University of Edinburgh), Sara Butler (Ohio State University), Jeremy Goldberg (University of York), Michaela Antonín Malaníková (Palacký University, Olomouc), Llinos Beverley Smith (Aberystwyth University), and Deborah Youngs (Swansea University).