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IMC 2019: Sessions

Session 1146: New Voices and New Topics in Tolkien Scholarship: A Round Table Discussion

Wednesday 3 July 2019, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:School of Critical Studies, University of Glasgow
Organiser:Dimitra Fimi, Department of Humanities, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Moderator/Chair:Dimitra Fimi, Department of Humanities, Cardiff Metropolitan University

This round table discussion will provide a forum for new scholars in Tolkien studies to share innovative approaches, new ideas, and underexplored areas of research. Dennis Wilson Wise's research will discuss researching Tolkien via the lens of political philosophy; Anahit Behruz will focus on Tolkien's texts as political and politicised texts, focusing on feminist/postcolonial/queer/ecocritical readings; and Michael Flowers will discuss biographical and archival research on Tolkien, including online repositories but also fieldwork on location.

Participants include Anahit Behrooz (University of Edinburgh), Michael Flowers (Independent Scholar, Kingston-upon-Hull), and Dennis Wilson Wise (University of Arizona).