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IMC 2019: Sessions

Session 1231: Medieval Ethiopia, I: Symbolism, Objects, and Depictions in the Solomonic Period

Wednesday 3 July 2019, 14.15-15.45

Sponsor:Fakultät für Geschichtswissenschaft, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Organiser:Solomon Gebreyes Beyene, Hiob Ludolf Centre for Ethiopian Studies, Universität Hamburg
Moderator/Chair:Verena Krebs, Historisches Institut, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Paper 1231-aSymbols and Might: Notes on 17th-Century Imperial Administration in Ethiopia
(Language: English)
Solomon Gebreyes Beyene, Hiob Ludolf Centre for Ethiopian Studies, Universität Hamburg
Index terms: Administration, Manuscripts and Palaeography
Paper 1231-bPortraying Good and Evil: The Equestrian Saint Gelawdewos (Claudius) and the Monster Sebetat
(Language: English)
Dorothea McEwan, Warburg Institute, University of London
Index terms: Art History - General, Art History - Decorative Arts, Art History - Painting
Paper 1231-cVisual Representation of Rulers from the Early Solomonic Period
(Language: English)
Lenka Vrlíková, Faculty of Arts, Masarykova univerzita, Brno
Index terms: Art History - Painting, Hagiography

Ethiopia has a long history of materiality, both in manuscripts and in paintings. Speakers in this session will highlight changes in materiality through time and place, particularly in depiction. Session I focuses on material display of images through both media. Paper A combines the study of manuscripts and paintings to access the changing materiality of the Miracles of the Virgin Mary. Paper B highlights the changing linguistic terms for offices of state in Ethiopian manuscript culture. Papers C and D analyse Ethiopian paintings to display changing depictions of military equestrian saints and rulers respectively.