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IMC 2019: Sessions

Session 1335: What Is the Matter of/with Medieval Philosophy?, III: The Reception, Transmission, and Teaching of Medieval Philosophy

Wednesday 3 July 2019, 16.30-18.00

Sponsor:Centre for Ancient & Medieval Philosophy, Durham University
Organiser:Sara L. Uckelman, Institute of Medieval & Early Modern Studies, Durham University
Moderator/Chair:Sara L. Uckelman, Institute of Medieval & Early Modern Studies, Durham University
Paper 1335-aThe Serpent's Body: St John Bonaventure and St Gregory Palamas on Philosophy and Theology, with Particular Reference to On the Reduction of the Arts to Theology and the First Triad
(Language: English)
Tommaso Manzon, Department of Theology & Religious Studies, King's College London
Index terms: Learning (The Classical Inheritance), Philosophy
Paper 1335-bPredate the Scientific Revolution!: Highlighting (Strategic) Continuities between Medieval and Modern Philosophy
(Language: English)
Martin Lenz, Afdeling Geschiedenis, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Index terms: Philosophy, Teaching the Middle Ages

This is the fourth and final panel in a series on 'What Is the Matter of/with Medieval Philosophy?', bringing together papers addressing the subject matter of medieval philosophy, including how subfields of philosophy were demarcated; how philosophy was separated from other disciplines; how medieval philosophy is separated from (and continuous with) ancient and early modern philosophy. This panel focuses on what medieval philosophy is, what it received from ancient philosophy and what it transmitted to post-medieval philosophy, and what role medieval philosophy has in the present day classroom.