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IMC 2019: Sessions

Session 1623: Global Manuscripts: Materials, Materialities, Materialisms, II: Materialities

Thursday 4 July 2019, 11.15-12.45

Organisers:Catherine E. Karkov, School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies, University of Leeds
Elaine Treharne, Department of English, Stanford University
Moderator/Chair:Catherine E. Karkov, School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies, University of Leeds
Paper 1623-aLocation, Location, Location
(Language: English)
Thomas A. Bredehoft, Chancery Hill Books & Antiques, West Virginia
Index terms: Language and Literature - Old English, Manuscripts and Palaeography
Paper 1623-b'All that is gold does not glitter': The Tarnished Reception of Remarkable Manuscripts
(Language: English)
Lynley Herbert, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
Index terms: Art History - General, Manuscripts and Palaeography
Paper 1623-cEmbedded and Interwoven: Africanism and Orientalism in France and the Eastern Mediterranean, 12th-14th Centuries
(Language: English)
Anna Klosowska, Department of French & Italian, Miami University, Ohio
Index terms: Gender Studies, Manuscripts and Palaeography, Women's Studies

These sessions aim to throw light on the production, consumption, and affordances of manuscripts from across the global Middle Ages during the period c.500-1500. Papers might deal with questions such as: What materials or processes were used in manuscript production? What ethical or political questions do these materials or processes raise? What do they have to tell us about medieval/modern understandings of matter itself? Why are certain manuscripts more highly valued than others? Why and how do some manuscripts have the power to shape our values and histories?