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IMC 2019: Sessions

Session 514: The Origins of the Military-Religious Orders, I: Beginnings in the East

Tuesday 2 July 2019, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:Cardiff Centre for the Crusades, Cardiff University
Organiser:Helen J. Nicholson, School of History, Archaeology & Religion, Cardiff University
Moderator/Chair:Helen J. Nicholson, School of History, Archaeology & Religion, Cardiff University
Paper 514-aThe Diverse Origins of the Syrian Military Orders
(Language: English)
Anthony Thornton Luttrell, Independent Scholar, Bath
Index terms: Canon Law, Crusades, Religious Life
Paper 514-bThe Beginnings of the Order of Saint John in Jerusalem, or: Muristan Revisited
(Language: English)
Jürgen Krüger
Dorothee Heinzelmann, Landschaftverband Rheinland (LVR) - Amt für Denkmalpflege im Rheinland
Index terms: Archaeology - Sites, Architecture - Religious, Crusades
Paper 514-cThe Establishment of the Templar Order in Syria: New Evidence from Chastel Blanc/Safita
(Language: English)
Mathias Piana, Independent Scholar, Diedorf
Index terms: Archaeology - Sites, Crusades, Military History

January 2020 will mark the 900th anniversary of the Church Council of Nablus in 1120, which was probably the setting for the foundation of the Order of the Temple. These four sessions, organised in commemoration of this event, will explore various aspects of the origins of the Miltary-Religious orders, transnational institutions which developed in Latin Christendom in the early 12th century in the wake of the First Crusade. This first session explores the Military-Religious Orders' origins in the Holy Land, considering both the conceptual basis of these institutions and their early constructions