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IMC 2019: Sessions

Session 532: Living in a Material World: Materiality and Monasticism, I

Tuesday 2 July 2019, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:Centre for Research in Historiography & Historical Cultures / Department of History & Welsh History, Aberystwyth University
Organiser:Abigail Monk, Department of History & Welsh History, Aberystwyth University
Moderator/Chair:Laura Cleaver, Department of History of Art & Architecture, Trinity College Dublin
Paper 532-aWritten Imprints: Traces of Alberic of Trois-Fontaines's Library in His Chronicle
(Language: English)
Antoni Grabowski, Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa
Index terms: Education, Historiography - Medieval, Monasticism, Sermons and Preaching
Paper 532-bAccomplished Pen-Flourishers?: Scribal Practices and the Production of Welsh Manuscripts in the 13th Century
(Language: English)
Lucie Hobson, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth
Index terms: Language and Literature - Celtic, Manuscripts and Palaeography, Monasticism
Paper 532-cRejecting the World while Writing Its History: William of Malmesbury and Secular History
(Language: English)
Jace Stuckey, Department of History & Politics, Marymount University, Virginia
Index terms: Historiography - Medieval, Language and Literature - Latin, Monasticism

This session looks at three different ways that materiality can be analysed within the creation of chronicles and manuscripts; through allusion and references to other texts held in the monastic libraries; the creation of Welsh manuscripts and the palaeographic scribal practices that occurred in the 13th-century Celtic sphere and the notion of rejecting the world to write history. This session looks at broad themes from Anglo-Norman history, Welsh palaeography and diplomatic practice to French historiography. This is the first of two sessions held on Materiality and Monasticism and seeks to further engage with the current research in progress.