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IMC 2019: Sessions

Session 630: Rethinking the Medieval Frontier 2018, II: Administration and Control

Tuesday 2 July 2019, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Rethinking the Medieval Frontier Network
Organiser:Jonathan Jarrett, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds
Moderator/Chair:Jonathan Jarrett, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds
Paper 630-a'The Byzantine liquid frontiers': Or, How to Administer Insular and Coastal Peripheral Spaces and Stop Worrying about It
(Language: English)
Luca Zavagno, Department of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta
Index terms: Administration, Archaeology - General, Byzantine Studies, Historiography - Modern Scholarship
Paper 630-bThe Distribution of Bordering Power in Late Medieval Hungary
(Language: English)
Davor Salihović, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
Index terms: Administration, Computing in Medieval Studies, Politics and Diplomacy

Since 2015 the network project Rethinking the Medieval Frontier has been organising comparative sessions encouraging a new theorisation of frontiers and borders starting from medieval evidence and situations. The 2019 sessions continue to ask what a frontier is to us, what it was in the Middle Ages, and how it was experienced by those who lived with it. This session concentrates primarily on the last of these aspects, looking at the attempts made by four powerful states (early Byzantium, high medieval France and Aragón, and late medieval Hungary) to lay down structures of control in territories at the edge of their control and the reactions of the governed populaces to the constraints thus placed upon them.