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IMC 2019: Sessions

Session 820: Maternal Materialities: Objects and Practices in Medieval Childbirth, II

Tuesday 2 July 2019, 16.30-18.00

Organiser:Costanza Gislon Dopfel, Department of Modern Languages / Department of Art History, Saint Mary's College of California
Moderator/Chair:Adrian Wilson, School of Philosophy, Religion & History of Science, University of Leeds
Paper 820-aEmergency Baptism in Medieval and Early Modern Spain: Interfaces between Religious and Obstetrical Care
(Language: English)
Wolfram Aichinger, Institut für Geschichte, Universität Wien
Index terms: Medicine, Religious Life, Social History, Women's Studies
Paper 820-bThe Use of Saints' Clothing in High Medieval Childbirth
(Language: English)
Fiona Harris-Stoertz, Department of History, Trent University, Ontario
Index terms: Hagiography, Religious Life, Social History, Women's Studies
Paper 820-cGiving Birth in Byzantine Illuminated Books
(Language: English)
Mati Meyer, Department of Literature, Language & Arts, Open University of Israel, Raanana
Index terms: Art History - General, Byzantine Studies, Religious Life, Women's Studies

Although the process surrounding medieval childbirth has always been secretive, lack of written testimonials does not preclude the possibility of reconstructing this elusive space: drawing on the evidence of fashion, diet, rites and customs, the two sessions seek to give tangible form to the experience of childbirth through the analysis of physical objects and practices. The second session discusses the role of individuals and material items within ritualistic practices such as emergency baptism, the use of Saints' clothing as propitiatory relics during childbirth, and the erasure of birth images in Byzantine illuminated texts.