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IMC 2019: Sessions

Session 934: Ordered Universe: The Human Being as Microcosm - The Sciences and Humanities in Collaboration - A Round Table Discussion

Tuesday 2 July 2019, 19.00-20.00

Sponsor:Ordered Universe Project
Organiser:Giles E. M. Gasper, Department of History, Durham University
Moderator/Chair:Tom McLeish, Department of Physics / Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York

Bringing together medieval specialists and modern scientists is an unusual thing to do. However, in the case of exploring medieval science it has proved, in the context of the Ordered Universe Project, a vital element in the elucidation of complex treatises on natural phenomena. The proposed round table will debate the interdisciplinary methodology and broaden the implications for such radical collaborative working from the scientific works of Robert Grosseteste to pre-modern science more generally conceived. How collaboration is best articulated and practised will form a significant part of the debate, which will involve representatives from a variety of different disciplines.

Participants include Laura Cleaver (Trinity College Dublin), Giles E. M. Gasper (Durham University), Joshua Harvey (University of Oxford), Clive Siviour (University of Oxford), Brian Tanner (Durham University), and Cate Watkinson (University of Sunderland).