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IMC 2020: Sessions

Session 1106: Petition and Response in the Late Antique West, II

Wednesday 8 July 2020, 11.15-12.45

Organiser:Eric Fournier, Department of History, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Moderator/Chair:Shane Bjornlie, Department of History, Princeton University
Respondent:Caroline Humfress, School of History, University of St Andrews
Paper 1106-aPetitions and Responses in the Ostrogothic Kingdom: Reconsidering Initiative and Passivity
(Language: English)
Hervé Huntzinger, UFR Sciences Humaines et Sociales Université de Lorraine
Index terms: Administration, Law
Paper 1106-b'Insalubrious Waters': Accusations of Corrupted Water Supply as Petition in Post-Roman Italy
(Language: English)
Abigail Dowling, Department of History, University of California, Santa Barbara
Index terms: Administration, Law

Fergus Millar and Malcolm Errington have argued that the Roman Empire was a reacting government that essentially responded to specific demands and petitions, and that their responses were often dictated by local conditions. The Millar-Errington model did not, however, consider the period beyond the reign of Theodosius (379-395 CE). In order to analyze the continuity of this petition and response model as a method of government in the post-Roman successor kingdoms of the late antique West, this session (in two parts, assembling 5 presenters and 1 respondent) assembles case studies from the late Roman legal perspective, as well as the Burgundian, Ostrogothic, and Vandal kingdoms.