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IMC 2020: Sessions

Session 1252: Anarchist Approaches to the Middle Ages, III: Rethinking What we Know Best - Resistance Stories

Wednesday 8 July 2020, 14.15-15.45

Sponsor:Anarchist Approaches to the Middle Ages (AAMA)
Organiser:Ian Forrest, Oriel College, University of Oxford
Moderator/Chair:Delfi-Isabel Nieto-Isabel, Departament d'Història Medieval, Paleografia i Diplomàtica, Universitat de Barcelona
Paper 1252-aAgainst Clerics and Castles: Lower-Order and 'Heretical' Resistance to Governance and Property, c. 1000
(Language: English)
Claire Taylor, Department of History, University of Nottingham
Index terms: Religious Life, Social History
Paper 1252-b'Not only to the toil of the great geniuses': Subaltern Disobedience in Monastic Lordships between the Rhine and the Seine, c. 1120-1150
(Language: English)
Nicolas Schroeder, Département d'Histoire, Arts et Archéologie, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Index terms: Religious Life, Social History
Paper 1252-cPushing Borders of Power: Legal Changes in Wood Law in Southern Westphalia in the Late Middle Ages
(Language: English)
Monika Veronika Eisenhauer, Independent Scholar, Koblenz
Index terms: Law, Social History

The third session in a strand sponsored by the Anarchist Approaches to the Middle Ages group. Following a successful round table discussion on this theme at IMC 2019, attended by an international group of medievalists from all career stages, this strand is an experiment in 'rethinking what we know best' (i.e. our specialisms in Medieval Studies) using anarchist ideas and approaches. The third session focuses on stories of resistance, and explores new ways in which we can think about power in medieval societies.