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IMC 2020: Sessions

Session 1655: Manuscript Culture: Research Methodologies, II

Thursday 9 July 2020, 11.15-12.45

Organiser:Michael Johnston, Department of English, Purdue University
Moderator/Chair:Jaakko Tahkokallio, National Library of Finland, Helsinki
Paper 1655-aWhen to Resist the Big Picture?: Richard Rolle's Writings in Central Europe
(Language: English)
Michael van Dussen, Department of English, Ohio State University
Index terms: Archives and Sources, Ecclesiastical History, Manuscripts and Palaeography
Paper 1655-bThe Most Popular Religious Works of the Late Middle Ages According to Their Manuscript Tradition: Comparing Latin and Vernacular 'Best Sellers'
(Language: English)
Géraldine Veysseyre, UFR de Langue Française Sorbonne Université Paris
Index terms: Language and Literature - Comparative, Language and Literature - Latin, Manuscripts and Palaeography

Manuscript books are unique - but each of them also reflects a particular culture of book production and stems from a specific social context. To what extent can the study of large corpora of manuscripts enable us to generalize about the book culture of a specific time, place, and social setting? Vice versa, can we use such generalizations in trying to understand individual manuscripts? What is gained and what is lost when one scales up to examine a large number of manuscripts or focuses on individual manuscripts? What do the tools of Digital Humanities offer such scholarly endeavors? This session gathers together scholars exploring the cultures and social settings of book production from the Carolingian period until the 15th century with both small and large sets of manuscripts.