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IMC 2020: Sessions

Session 328: Crossing Linguistic Borders: Names in Contact, II

Monday 6 July 2020, 16.30-18.00

Organiser:Ludwig Rübekeil, Deutsches Seminar, Universität Zürich
Moderator/Chair:Ludwig Rübekeil, Deutsches Seminar, Universität Zürich
Paper 328-aPlace-Names in Shropshire
(Language: English)
John Baker, Institute for Name-Studies, University of Nottingham
Index terms: Language and Literature - Celtic, Language and Literature - Old English, Language and Literature - Middle English, Onomastics
Paper 328-bContact across Writing and Naming Systems: Medieval Names in Runes
(Language: English)
Michelle Waldispühl, Institutionen för språk och litteraturer Göteborgs Universitet
Index terms: Epigraphy, Language and Literature - Comparative, Literacy and Orality, Onomastics
Paper 328-cAventica / Wibilsburc: On the Names of Avenches (Switzerland) in Medieval Sources
(Language: English)
Luzius Thöny, Institut für Germanistik Universität Bern
Index terms: Language and Literature - German, Language and Literature - Latin, Onomastics

In the course of migration processes and social mobility in the Middle Ages, speakers of different languages, dialects and sociolects met, which led to a large variety of linguistic contact effects. Within the broad framework of 'Historical Language Contact and Multilingualism', this session-pair focuses on a linguistic category often neglected in contact linguistic studies: the names. Names do not only often show a different grammatical contact behaviour than appellatives, but they also more apparently reflect sociolinguistic aspects of contact situations. The papers in this second session address medieval attestations of names in contact zone, whereas in the first session theoretical and methodological principles of contact onomastics are discussed.