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IMC 2020: Sessions

Session 452: Playing the Middle Ages, IV: A Round Table Discussion

Monday 6 July 2020, 19.00-20.00

Sponsor:The Public Medievalist / Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Research, University of Winchester
Organiser:Robert Houghton, Department of History, University of Winchester
Moderator/Chair:Robert Houghton, Department of History, University of Winchester

Games are increasingly important to our field. Medieval and fantasy tabletop, roleplaying, and computer games command a considerable and growing audience. These games can fundamentally influence how their players think about and understand the Middle Ages. This can make them powerful teaching and outreach tools, but can also lead to fundamental misunderstandings about the period and the reinforcement of tropes and stereotypes. This round table engages with the potential and pitfalls of games across a range of genres and arenas. Building on the success of the strand at the IMC in 2019, it will consider the utility of this medium in the classroom, in our research, and in the wider world.

Participants include Catherine A. Clarke (University of London), Victoria Cooper (Beijing International Bilingual Academy), Rabia Gregory (University of Missouri, Kansas City), Ryan Lavelle (University of Winchester), Katherine J. Lewis (University of Huddersfield), and Simon Trafford (University of London).