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IMC 2020: Sessions

Session 604: Animals Near and Far, II: Of Elephants, Nautilus, and Killer Bunnies

Tuesday 7 July 2020, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:M(edieval) A(nimal) D(ata-Network), Central European University, Budapest/Wien
Organiser:Mónica Ann Walker Vadillo, Old Operating Theatre Museum, London
Moderator/Chair:Alice Choyke, Department of Medieval Studies, Central European University, Budapest
Paper 604-aBetween Reality and Myth: The Shifting and Fluid Nature of Elephant Imagery
(Language: English)
Sarah Lambert, Department of History, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Index terms: Archaeology - Artefacts, Art History - General
Paper 604-bSubject and Object: The Case of the Nautilus ab Indis in the Early Modern Period as a Paradigm of Cabinet of Curiosities Culture
(Language: English)
Maria Cristina Bastante, Independent Scholar Roma
Index terms: Art History - Sculpture, Medievalism and Antiquarianism, Social History
Paper 604-cKiller Rabbits: From the Margins of Manuscripts to Contemporary Memes
(Language: English)
Mónica Ann Walker Vadillo, Old Operating Theatre Museum, London
Index terms: Art History - General, Manuscripts and Palaeography, Medievalism and Antiquarianism

These sessions will explore the perception, representation, and misrepresentation of domestic, exotic and/or fantastic animals in art, literature, daily life, zooarchaeolgy, etc.