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IMC 2020: Sessions

Session 635: Medieval Generalship: Leadership, Authority, and Command

Tuesday 7 July 2020, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:De Re Militari: Society for Medieval Military History
Organiser:Daniel Franke, Department of History, Richard Bland College of William & Mary, Virginia
Moderator/Chair:Daniel Franke, Department of History, Richard Bland College of William & Mary, Virginia
Paper 635-aTrust and Control: Leadership at Crécy and Poitiers, 1346 and 1356
(Language: English)
Marilyn Livingstone, Department of Economic & Social History, Queen's University Belfast
Morgen Witzel, Exeter Centre for Leadership University of Exeter
Index terms: Administration, Military History, Political Thought
Paper 635-bIn the King's Absence: Generalship and the Dynamics of Command Authority in Medieval Battle
(Language: English)
Sarah K. Douglas, Department of History Ohio State University
Index terms: Administration, Mentalities, Military History, Political Thought
Paper 635-cThe Fury of God: Fernando de Antequera's Aggressive Strategy against Granada, 1406-1410
(Language: English)
Samuel A. Claussen, Department of History California Lutheran University
Index terms: Crusades, Mentalities, Military History

War in its many forms was a defining feature of medieval civilization, and it has been treated by many able scholars over the years. However, the issue of generalship - the ability to command and manage armed forces to achieve the goals of the campaign- remains ripe for reappraisal. Building on previous work by Kelly DeVries, John France, John Hosler, Clifford Rogers, and others, the papers in this session each propose new readings of medieval generalship by combining the close reading of medieval military sources with scholarship on emotions, leadership theory, organizational behavior, and social psychology.