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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 1027: Pilgrims and Networks of Knowledge: Texts and Topographies of Medieval Rome

Wednesday 5 July 2023, 09.00-10.30

Organiser:Anna Blennow, Institutionen för språk och litteraturer, Göteborgs Universitet
Moderator/Chair:Kurt Villads Jensen, Historiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
Paper 1027-aTangled Up in Stories: Time, Faith, and Memory in the Medieval Roman Narrative Urbanscape
(Language: English)
Magnus G. Borg, Historiska institutionen, Lunds universitet
Index terms: Archives and Sources, Language and Literature - Latin, Mentalities
Paper 1027-bThe Making of Medieval Rome through Networks of Texts and Topographies
(Language: English)
Anna Blennow, Institutionen för språk och litteraturer, Göteborgs Universitet
Index terms: Language and Literature - Latin, Manuscripts and Palaeography
Paper 1027-cA House of Many Functions: The Textual Networks of St Birgitta's House in Rome
(Language: English)
Sara Risberg, Diplomatarium Suecanum, Riksarkivet, Stockholm
Index terms: Charters and Diplomatics, Language and Literature - Latin, Religious Life

This session explores the entanglements between text and place as bearers of knowledge regarding pilgrimage to medieval Rome. How did these multiform textual traces interact with the topography of the city of Rome, how were texts created and transmitted through the movement of the pilgrims between various places, and how did the texts in their turn influence itineraries and topographies? The papers in the session examine narratives and meanings attached to buildings and objects along the pilgrim itineraries as found in contemporary texts; the creation of a medieval topography of Rome through regionary catalogues, liturgical texts, and pilgrim guides; and the various textual networks connected with the multifunctional House of St Birgitta in Rome.