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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 1117: Entangled Commodities, II: Culture, Religion, and Economic Life

Wednesday 5 July 2023, 11.15-12.45

Organiser:Aysu Dinçer, Department of History, University of Warwick
Moderator/Chair:Richard M. Goddard, Department of History, University of Nottingham
Paper 1117-aByzantine Art and Artists as Commodities in Rus', c. 1261-1453
(Language: English)
Monica White, Department of Russian & Slavonic Studies, University of Nottingham
Index terms: Art History - General, Byzantine Studies, Social History
Paper 1117-b'Fortify your spirit and heart': Trade and Uses of an Aromatic Resin
(Language: English)
Aysu Dinçer, Department of History, University of Warwick
Index terms: Economics - Trade, Social History
Paper 1117-cMedicine, Cosmetics, and Magic Spells: Production and Uses of Pigeon Secretions
(Language: English)
Sophia Germanidou, McCord Centre for Landscape Archaeology, Newcastle University
Index terms: Archaeology - General, Byzantine Studies, Social History

The second session in this strand examines the movement and cultural significance of three different commodities, considering their cross-cultural value in conjunction with their economic significance. The first paper discusses the 'life cycle' of cultural objects that moved between Byzantium and the East Slavs in the context of the deepening ties between the two countries in the late Byzantine period, alongside the experiences of expatriate Byzantine artists. The second paper examines the demand and uses of an aromatic resin (ladanum) in the wider Mediterranean, focusing on its perceived health benefits and uses in religious ceremonies. The final paper looks at the uses of pigeon secretions in Byzantine cultivation, medicine, cosmetics, and magic spells.