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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 1140: Law and Problem Solving, c. 1000-c. 1300, I: Problems in Finding and Administering Justice

Wednesday 5 July 2023, 11.15-12.45

Organisers:Philippa Byrne, St John's College, University of Oxford
Meghan Woolley, Department of History, Duke University
Moderator/Chair:Philippa Byrne, St John's College, University of Oxford
Paper 1140-aSolving the Problem of Legal Authority in 'Part One' of the So-Called Très ancien Coutumier of Normandy
(Language: English)
Will Eves, St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies, University of St Andrews
Index terms: Biblical Studies, Law, Theology
Paper 1140-bCommittitur gaole per statutum: The Entanglements of the Court of the General Eyre
(Language: English)
Mariah Cooper, Department of History Memorial University of Newfoundland
Index terms: Law, Mentalities, Women's Studies
Paper 1140-cAvenging Mothers in the Early Common Law
(Language: English)
Meghan Woolley, Department of History, Duke University
Index terms: Archives and Sources, Law, Women's Studies

The 13th century saw the rise of systematic legal codes and courts in England and Normandy. Beneath the surface of the sources this wave of reform produced lie complications in legal authority and efficacy. The papers in this session address these complexities by reconsidering what legal sources can tell us. The first paper presents an alternative model of legal authority found in the Norman Très-ancien coutumier, based not on Roman law, but on Biblical morality. The second paper presents the problems faced by England's General Eyre court through an examination of raptus trials. The third paper asks what limited Eyre records can tell us about women in the common law, and how they faced the problem of finding justice.