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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 1524: Loyalty as Entanglements, I: Loyalty as Emotional Entanglement

Thursday 6 July 2023, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:Haskins Society / Battle Conference on Anglo-Norman Studies
Organiser:Chris Lewis, Institute of Historical Research, University of London / Department of History, King's College London
Moderator/Chair:Ryan Kemp, Department of History & Welsh History, Aberystwyth University
Paper 1524-aFor God and Monastery: Loyalty in the Medieval Devotional Landscape
(Language: English)
Lauren Mancia, Department of History, Brooklyn College, City University of New York
Index terms: Mentalities, Monasticism, Religious Life, Social History
Paper 1524-bBreaking the Ties of Brotherhood: Emotion and Disloyalty among the Angevin Nobility
(Language: English)
Lili Scott Lintott, St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies, University of St Andrews
Index terms: Mentalities, Politics and Diplomacy, Social History
Paper 1524-cGrief and Loyalty: Healers and Bereavement in Medieval Thinking
(Language: English)
Emily A. Winkler, St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford / Department of History, University College London
Index terms: Mentalities, Religious Life, Women's Studies

Three linked sessions and a round table explore the somewhat neglected topic of loyalty in the Middle Ages. They follow from sessions in 2020 and 2021. The wider project aims to expand the ways of understanding medieval loyalty beyond the loyalties of men and lords or subjects and kings. These sessions for 2023 focus on loyalty as a form of entanglement. Session I is about loyalty as an emotional entanglement. The individual papers look at monastic devotion, the emotions involved in acts of disloyalty, and the sorts of loyalty that were entangled with grieving.