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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 1729: Art Binds Communities in Medieval Europe, III: Connections within the City

Thursday 6 July 2023, 14.15-15.45

Organiser:Gianluca del Monaco, Dipartimento delle Arti, Università di Bologna
Moderator/Chair:Gianluca del Monaco, Dipartimento delle Arti, Università di Bologna
Paper 1729-aDeath, Textile, Memory: The Binding Bodies of the Las Huelgas Deposition
(Language: English)
Anabelle Gambert-Jouan, Department of History of Art, Yale University
Index terms: Art History - Sculpture, Gender Studies, Social History
Paper 1729-bThe Politics of Exposing (and Hiding from View): Notes on the Loggia dei Cavalieri in Treviso
(Language: English)
Giacomo Confortin, Independent Scholar, Vedelago
Index terms: Art History - Painting, Political Thought, Social History
Paper 1729-cFor a Vallombrosan Artistic Network in 15th-Century Florence and Beyond
(Language: English)
Michela Young, Department of History of Art, University of Cambridge
Index terms: Art History - General, Ecclesiastical History, Monasticism

This is the third of a three-session series intended to investigate how entanglements among medieval artworks channelled existing social networks within communities, e.g., monastic orders and political environments, for the creation of a new shared history that transcends differences. This session focuses on medieval cities. Paper -a interprets the polychrome wood Deposition from Santa María la Real de las Huelgas, near Burgos, as the site of a communal commemorative process, paper -b questions the social distinction of the spectators of a painted monument in the 14th-century commune of Treviso, Paper -c reappraises the role of the Vallombrosan monks in the flourishing of artistic activity in 15th-century Florence.