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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 209: The Formation of Discourse Communities in Late Antiquity, 500-700, II: Gaul

Monday 3 July 2023, 14.15-15.45

Organisers:Kay Boers, Utrecht Centre for Medieval Studies, Universiteit Utrecht
Becca Grose, Departement Geschiedenis en Kunstgeschiedenis, Universiteit Utrecht
Moderator/Chair:Hope Williard, Library, University of Lincoln
Paper 209-aFamula Dei: Discourses of Service to God in the Epigraphy of Early Medieval Gaul
(Language: English)
Lisa Bailey, Department of Classics & Ancient History, University of Auckland
Index terms: Ecclesiastical History, Epigraphy, Religious Life
Paper 209-bFrom Gallia to Francia?: Roman Discourses of 6th-Century Gaul
(Language: English)
Jonathan Arnold, Department of History, University of Tulsa
Index terms: Byzantine Studies, Language and Literature - Greek, Language and Literature - Latin, Mentalities

This session investigates the use of discourse communities and other models to understand how communal identities formed and were sustained in Late-Antique Gaul and through imagining it from afar. The first paper (Bailey) investigates discourses of service in Gallic religious contexts. The second paper (Arnold) asks how shared discourses about Roman Gaul linked thinkers across the Mediterranean even as it distanced them from contemporary discourses in Gaul itself.