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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 234: Divine Connections: Perspectives on Regional Religious Networks

Monday 3 July 2023, 14.15-15.45

Sponsor:Archiv der Erzdiözese Salzburg
Organiser:Marlene Ernst, Zentrum für Gastrosophie, Universität Salzburg
Moderator/Chair:Siegrid Schmidt, Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Mittelalter und Frühneuzeit (IZMF), Universität Salzburg
Paper 234-aPapal Charters in a Digital Age
(Language: English)
Marlene Ernst, Zentrum für Gastrosophie, Universität Salzburg
Index terms: Charters and Diplomatics, Law, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 234-bSacred Networks: Canonisation Processes in Central Europe - Support Groups and Protagonists
(Language: English)
Wolfgang Neuper, Archiv der Erzdiözese Salzburg
Index terms: Charters and Diplomatics, Politics and Diplomacy, Religious Life
Paper 234-cBenedictine Communication Networks in the Early 16th Century
(Language: English)
Gerald Hirtner, Archiv der Erzabtei St. Peter Salzburg
Index terms: Manuscripts and Palaeography, Monasticism, Religious Life
Paper 234-dNetworking beyond Death: The Tradition of Confraternitas on the Example of the Confraternity Book of the Cathedral Chapter of Gurk
(Language: English)
Veronika Polloczek, Institut für Mittelalterforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien
Index terms: Monasticism, Religious Life

Religious networks can take different shapes and forms, whether it be in terms of geographical or temporal dissemination, different ecclesiastical spheres, or in terms of the application of a more abstract analytical approach. The session exemplifies those dimensions. The first paper analyses the practice and dissemination of papal-delegated jurisdiction with digital humanities methods. It is exemplified on diplomatic mass corpora of the Iberian Peninsula of the 12th century. The second paper deals with canonisation processes. Using selected examples, the focus lies on individual interest, and support groups in Upper Germany on the basis of medieval charters. The third paper discusses an obituary roll of St. Peter's monastery in Salzburg from 1518, which gives insight into this monasteries' relations within Upper Germany. The last paper is about the confraternity book of the cathedral chapter of Gurk (Carinthia), which illustrates the networks of 26 religious orders with which the canons were in prayer.