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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 236: Medievalism in the Modern World, I: Far-Right Entanglements

Monday 3 July 2023, 14.15-15.45

Organiser:Eleanor Cox, Department of History, University of Nottingham
Moderator/Chair:Jasmin Higgs, Department of English, University of Nottingham
Paper 236-a'We're Coming Home!': Viking References on Danish Social Media during UEFA Euro 2020
(Language: English)
Brian Egede-Pedersen, Independent Scholar, Nykøbing Falster
Index terms: Historiography - Modern Scholarship, Mentalities
Paper 236-bAppropriating Romantic Rhetoric in White Nationalist Medievalisms
(Language: English)
Vanessa Iacocca, Department of English, Purdue University
Index terms: Historiography - Modern Scholarship, Mentalities
Paper 236-cNationalism and 'Anglo-Saxonism': Culture and Identity in 1970s and 1980s North American Beowulf Adaptations
(Language: English)
Simon Heller, Faculty of English, University of Oxford
Index terms: Language and Literature - Old English, Medievalism and Antiquarianism

The papers are exploring the use and abuse of medieval history within far-right groups to explore how and why this history is exploited and to what ends. Brian Egede-Pedersen's paper investigates the use of Viking references in Danish social media during UEFA 2020 to see whether the Vikings can be reclaimed from the far-right hands. Vanessa Iacocca's paper traces connections between contemporary white nationalist medievalisms and the Romantic medievalisms of James Macpherson and his immediate successors.