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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 323: Clerics, Nobles, and Pilgrims: Disentangling Sensory Perceptions of Materiality

Monday 3 July 2023, 16.30-18.00

Sponsor:Centrum för medeltidsstudier, Stockholms universitet
Organisers:Karl Lysén, Historiska institutionen Stockholms Universitet
Meike Wiedemann, Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
Moderator/Chairs:Gregory J. Leighton, School of History, Archaeology & Religion, Cardiff University
Gustav Zamore, Historiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
Respondent:Gregory J. Leighton, School of History, Archaeology & Religion, Cardiff University
Paper 323-a'To tread irreverently upon with my shod feet...': Jerusalem Pilgrims at the Stone of Unction
(Language: English)
Karl Lysén, Historiska institutionen Stockholms Universitet
Index terms: Anthropology, Archaeology - Artefacts, Mentalities, Religious Life
Paper 323-bClerics between Kingdom and Heaven: The Self as an Image in Swedish Hospitaller Seals
(Language: English)
Wilhelm Ljungar, Medeltidsmuseet, Stockholm
Index terms: Crusades, Heraldry, Monasticism
Paper 323-cPainting Heaven and Hell in the Wake of Plague: A Contribution to the Study of Parish Churches' Wall Paintings in the Kingdom of Navarre, 1348-1387
(Language: English)
Eneko Tuduri, Centre for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno / Facultad de Letras, Universidad del País Vasco - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Vitoria-Gasteiz
Index terms: Architecture - Religious, Art History - Painting, Heraldry, Liturgy

There is an irrefutable relation between materiality and culture. In the same manner, as norms, values, and beliefs are echoed as objects or created places, are also the responses to these things culturally situated. This session aims to disentangle the distinct connection between the materialised and perceived. The theme is explored from two different roles in medieval society and their relations toward objects and spaces that are typical for their distinction. Clerics and their seals and pilgrims at an object of devotion.