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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 517: Cultural and Religious Networks in Medieval Iberia, I: Authoring Ascetics

Tuesday 4 July 2023, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:University of Bristol / Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Organiser:Kati Ihnat, Afdeling Geschiedenis, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Moderator/Chair:Molly Lester, Department of History, United States Naval Academy, Maryland
Paper 517-aSituating Sanctity: Braulio's Life of Aemilian in Context
(Language: English)
Jamie Wood, School of History & Heritage, University of Lincoln
Index terms: Hagiography, Monasticism
Paper 517-bVisions of the Desert in Suevic Gallaecia: The Enigma of Paschasius' Liber geronticon
(Language: English)
David Addison, Mansfield College, University of Oxford
Index terms: Language and Literature - Latin, Monasticism, Religious Life
Paper 517-cThe Articulation of Confessorship in the Old Hispanic Rite: St Martin of Tours
(Language: English)
Rebecca Maloy, College of Music, University of Colorado, Boulder
Index terms: Hagiography, Liturgy, Monasticism

Late Antiquity witnessed important changes in notions of sanctity and what it meant to lead a good Christian life, changes that have not been explored in as much detail for Iberia as for other areas of the Christian world. In this session, three papers will tackle the production and transmission of literature related to the development of new ascetic ideals in late antique Iberia: the Vita Emiliani by Braulio of Zaragoza (Wood), Paschasius of Dumio's Liber geronticon (Addison), and the anonymous liturgy produced for the famous ascetic saint, Martin of Tours (Maloy). Exploring ascetic ideals and the construction of ascetic, confessor saints in a variety of different source types - from the theoretical apothegmata to the music of the liturgy - will allow us to reach a nuanced and balanced picture of what these new Christian values meant to late antique Iberians, how they were communicated, and what were the interests of their producers.