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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 737: Defining Subalternities, I: Work, Unfreedom, and Uncovering Experience

Tuesday 4 July 2023, 14.15-15.45

Sponsor:Global Medieval Peasants Research Network
Organiser:Stuart Pracy, Department of History, University of Manchester
Moderator/Chairs:Solveig Bollig, Institutionen för språkstudier, Umeå Universitet
Robert Portass, School of History & Heritage, University of Lincoln
Paper 737-aReimagining Artist Workshops in Lombard Italy
(Language: English)
Rachel Danford, College of Arts & Media, Marshall University, West Virginia
Index terms: Anthropology, Art History - General, Law, Technology
Paper 737-bBeyond Elite Craftsmen: Rural Smiths of the Carolingian World
(Language: English)
Alexandre Beaudet, Département des sciences historiques, Université Laval, Québec
Index terms: Economics - General, Economics - Rural, Economics - Trade, Hagiography
Paper 737-cLabour and Social Ties in Early Medieval England
(Language: English)
Stuart Pracy, Department of History, University of Manchester
Index terms: Daily Life, Economics - Rural, Historiography - Medieval, Mentalities

Embedded conceptions of subaltern populations circumscribe our ability to identify the experiences and agency of such people in the medieval world. These sessions explore the role of contemporaneous processes which (re)defined medieval social boundaries. In this first session, Rachel Danford considers whether we can access the lived experiences of medieval makers by reconstructing the materials present in the workshop that produced the Altar of Ratchis; Alexandre Beaudet uses archaeological and documentary evidence to uncover the lives of rural smiths in the Carolingian world; and Stuart Pracy explores the ways in which labour and social ties were conceptualised in early medieval England.