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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 839: Pilgrim Possibilities, II: Representing and Performing Pilgrimage

Tuesday 4 July 2023, 16.30-18.00

Sponsor:History Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University
Organiser:Kathryn Hurlock, Department of History- Politics and Philosophy- Manchester Metropolitan University
Moderator/Chair:Philip Booth, Department of History, Politics & Philosophy, Manchester Metropolitan University
Paper 839-aGender and Pilgrimage in the Digby Mary Magdalene
(Language: English)
Jiamiao Chen, Department of English, University of Bristol
Index terms: Language and Literature - Middle English, Lay Piety
Paper 839-bElements of Performance in Early Indian Narrative Art
(Language: English)
Kajal Bawa, Department of History, University of Delhi
Index terms: Art History - General, Lay Piety
Paper 839-cVisualising Pilgrimage in 16th-Century Domestic Music Performance
(Language: English)
Huw Keene, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh
Index terms: Lay Piety, Music

The purpose of these panels is to investigate the extent to which terms 'pilgrim' and 'pilgrimage' as concepts in Middle Ages changed over time, in space, and between religions. Here we place 'pilgrims' and 'pilgrimage' at the centre of the discussion to see how they are reflected in representations of pilgrimage and the (perceived) performance of pilgrimage. Paper -a looks at forms of pilgrimage within the Digby Mary Magdalene and the way the play presents different varieties of female pilgrimage. Paper -b explores scenes of revelry found in early Buddhism and discusses the depictions of hand gestures, body stances and the use of musical instruments align across narrative art and textual descriptions of pilgrimage. Paper -c looks at the way in which pilgrimage was visualised in the margins of the 16th-century musical partbooks of Zeghere van Male and the ways such depictions could be used to criticise pilgrim practices.