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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 840: Multi-Legalism in Europe in the High Middle Ages: Problems and Possibilities

Tuesday 4 July 2023, 16.30-18.00

Sponsor:British Academy Network 'Jurisdictions, Legal Community & Political Discourse in Europe, 1050-1250'
Organiser:Alice Taylor, Department of History, King's College London
Moderator/Chair:Jason Taliadoros, Faculty of Business & Law, Deakin University, Melbourne
Paper 840-aJurisdictions, Legal Community, and Political Discourse, 1050-1250: Approaches, Findings, and Questions
(Language: English)
Helle Vogt, Center for Retskulturelle Studier, Det Juridiske Fakultet, KĂžbenhavns Universitet
Index terms: Canon Law, Historiography - Modern Scholarship, Law, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 840-bThe Problem of the State
(Language: English)
Alice Taylor, Department of History, King's College London
Index terms: Historiography - Modern Scholarship, Law, Political Thought, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 840-cThe Problem of the Papacy
(Language: English)
Danica Summerlin, Department of History, University of Sheffield
Index terms: Canon Law, Ecclesiastical History, Historiography - Modern Scholarship, Law

This session sets out some of the main findings of the BA-funded network 'Jurisdictions, legal community and political discourse'. It considers the relationship in particular between politics and law, and the extent to which political conflict was the driver of the articulation of separate jurisdictions. The first paper summarises the effect placing individuals as users, compilers, and interpreters of law on our narrative of the 'legal revolution' of the long 12th century. The second lays out the problem narratives of state cause for our interpretation of law in the same period; the third highlights how the representation of the Papacy as a state (and papal law as defining canon law) affects our understaning of the multi-legalism of the 12th-century Europe in particular.