Advice for Speakers & Moderators

The below information is based on guidance for speakers at the in-person IMC 2019. We will be updating this page in due course with information for IMC 2021.

Female speaker on the stage at IMC 2018.

Guidance for Speakers

  • Make sure your paper is presented within the allotted time (20 minutes for sessions with three papers and 15 minutes for sessions with four papers).
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before the session to prepare.
  • Speak clearly and slowly so that everyone can follow your paper. The language in which you are speaking may not be the first language of everyone in the audience.
  • Support your paper with additional information, using either a slideshow (such as a PowerPoint presentation) or a paper handout. Standard session rooms can hold 30-40 people, but some rooms may hold more.
  • Please make sure that all materials you use are clearly legible for delegates with visual impairments. We recommend using this advice from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)
  • You may wish to produce at least 2 copies in large print for delegates with visual impairments. In addition, remember to describe the images used in your presentation.
  • If you are presenting your paper in a language other than English, we recommend producing a short handout summarising the key points of your paper in English.
  • If there is a microphone in your session room, please use it so that delegates with hearing impairments can follow your paper.

Guidance for Moderators

The main duties of a session moderator are:

  • To introduce each speaker, being aware there may be non-specialists in the audience.
  • To inform the audience whether the speakers are happy for the audience to tweet about their paper or discuss it on social media.
  • To make sure each speaker finishes their paper on time, and to be assertive on this issue if necessary.
  • To make sure the session starts and finishes on time.
  • To initiate and moderate questions and discussion after the papers, ensuring both speakers and audience adhere to our policy on dignity and mutual respect.
  • To be prepared to ask questions if they are not forthcoming from the audience.
  • To complete our feedback form and return it to the Session Room Organiser at the end of the session.

We strongly recommend that moderators contact all the speakers in their session before the IMC to get to know each speaker’s paper and research.