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IMC 2016: Sessions

Session 1029: Religion, Conversion, and Identity in the Early Medieval West

Wednesday 6 July 2016, 09.00-10.30

Organiser:Erica Buchberger, Department of History, University of Texas
Moderator/Chair:E. T. Dailey, Amsterdam University Press / Arc Humanities Press / Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo
Paper 1029-aReligious Identity and Supernatural Efficacy in Early Anglo-Saxon Warfare
(Language: English)
Katherine Cross, Wolfson College, University of Oxford / British Museum
Index terms: Archaeology - Artefacts, Pagan Religions
Paper 1029-bIrish Past and Irish Identity in Félire Oengusso
(Language: English)
Katja Ritari, Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki
Index terms: Hagiography, Language and Literature - Celtic
Paper 1029-cThe Many Meanings of 'Roman' in the Life of Eligius of Noyon
(Language: English)
Erica Buchberger, Department of History, University of Texas
Index terms: Hagiography, Mentalities

This session presents new approaches to conversion and identity. Katherine Cross’ paper examines material evidence of warfare, suggesting that objects from early Anglo-Saxon England which combined pagan and Christian symbols also redefined those categories. Katja Ritari’s paper explores the construction of the Irish past and Christian identity in the martyrology of Oengus. For Oengus, Christianity meant a decisive break from the past with saints replacing heroes. Erica Buchberger’s paper shows how the Frankish author of the Life of Eligius drew on religion, politics, and identity within a conversion narrative to enhance the holiness of the saint and his political faction.