IMC Memories

Lisa Fagin Davis

“There’s a lot of really fantastic work that goes on here. And it really gives you an opportunity to step outside your own field.”

Huiyi Bao

“It’s like a carnival!”

Levi Roach

“There is a great sense of community.”

Marco Mostert

“You meet people and then you meet them after a year again, and you can start working together on projects.”

Hervin Fernández-Aceves

“Someone who can feel proud not only of my own work, but of the big house that’s hosting this massive gathering.”

Kurt Villads Jensen

“History is the future now.”

Marianne O’Doherty

“I think it’s been formative in making me into an interdisciplinary and international scholar.”

Kelly DeVries

“I’ve seen people who came here as undergraduates who are now employed as professors.”

Yoichi Isahaya

“To depict history in terms of global scale, is really an essential challenge to go beyond.”

Anna Adamska

“I can make a paper on every subject in the world in 20 minutes!”

Joseph Lifshitz

“I find Yorkshire, York and Leeds some of the most beautiful places I was.”

Nada Zečević travelled to her first IMC in 2002 from Bosnia-Hercegovina.
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Feyza Sacmali spoke to us about attending her first IMC in 2017.
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Ahmed Hussein attended his first IMC in 2017, with support from an IMC Bursary.
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Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides first came to the IMC in 2013. We asked her what brought her back in 2017.
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