Photography and Video

Virtual IMC Events

Promotional photographs and video recordings may be made during the course of IMC 2021 to capture impressions of the week. Delegates will always be advised when images/recordings are being made for promotional purposes. We may use these images and videos in publicity and marketing materials for future IMC events, on our website, or on our social media accounts. If you do not want to be included in promotional photographs or video please make this known to the IMC staff present in the virtual ‘room’ and/or ensure that your camera/microphone is not enabled.

All sessions in the academic programme of IMC 2021 will be recorded and made available to other registered delegates for a limited period within the virtual event platform.

These recordings are made for the purposes of a) increasing accessibility for those with accessibility needs b) allowing asynchronous viewing of sessions to registered delegates. Recordings will be hosted securely and only available to registered IMC 2021 delegates until 31 August 2021 when all recordings will be securely deleted. Intellectual property rights will remain with the presenter. It is the responsibility of the presenter/speaker to ensure they have obtained relevant permissions for any copyrighted material included in their paper or presentation. Participants who do not wish their paper to be recorded must inform the IMC in writing by 1 April 2021 by emailing

Participants within sessions should be aware that if they use their mic/video to pose a question to the speaker, this will be recorded also. Questions posted in the text chat function within the Zoom client/app may be read out by  the moderator, including the name of the person who posted the question, but will not be retained after the session has ended. Questions posted in the text chat functions within Pathable will remain visible to all registered users until the platform is retired on 31 August 2021.