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Consultation Opens for Digital IMC 2020


black and white shot of a single presenter silhouetted against a white screenFollowing our announcement last week that IMC 2020 has been cancelled as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are excited to invite you to take part in our initial consultation as we explore possible options for a more limited, digital-only event this July.

We are actively exploring a variety of options and are seeking feedback from colleagues who were scheduled to deliver papers, or otherwise participate in, the IMC 2020 programme.

We understand that a digital event cannot replace the experience of coming to Leeds, but are keen to find out more about the type of digital event that would best suit the medieval studies community in these troubled times.

Please complete this survey to let us know if you are interested in participating in a digital alternative event this July, and also to provide feedback on the type of event which you feel would be most beneficial.

You can complete the survey here:

The survey will be open for three weeks and will close on Wednesday 22 April at 17:00 BST.

Please note that we are in the early stages of scoping out options for a digital alternative event this summer. Completion of this survey does not guarantee your participation in any digital alternative to IMC 2020. However, non-completion of the survey may mean that we are not able to include your scheduled contributions for IMC 2020 in any digital alternative event this year.

More details on the outcomes of this survey and our future plans will be made available via our website after the survey has closed and responses have been analysed.

Participation in any digital event that we may be able to run in 2020 will not prevent delegates from presenting their papers in-person, either in 2021 (when the special thematic strand will be ‘Climates’) or in 2022 when ‘Borders’ will be the special thematic strand.