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All registered delegates can now access the virtual platform here.

Postcard advertising IMC 2021 call for papers, featuring extracts of images from Hildegard of Bingen and Beatus of Girona.

Accessing IMC 2021

Find information about accessibility at IMC 2021, including closed captioning.

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A female member of IMC staff helps direct a member of the public

IMC 2022

IMC 2022: Call for Papers now open.

Postcard advertising IMC 2022 (4-7 July 2022) where the special thematic strand will be 'Borders'.

These pages relate to the wholly online IMC 2021. Find out more about the current IMC here.

IMC 2021 will be hosted online via the virtual events platform, Pathable, which can be accessed from any modern web browser from a desktop/laptop computer. Once logged in, delegates will be able to access all aspects of the IMC, including academic sessions, Bookfair and other exhibitions, events and workshop programme, and social and networking opportunities.

Registered delegates will be invited to the platform via email by Monday 28 June at the latest, alongside further guidance and support and details of IMC-specific platform training sessions.

You should ensure that you have a working microphone and webcam on your computer. All speakers and delegates will have the opportunity to check both work prior to joining all IMC sessions.

Guidance for Delegates, Speakers & Moderators

Check out essential information about attending, and participating in, IMC 2021.

Find out more about how we're working to make IMC 2021 accessible for all.
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Top tips to make sure your virtual presentation goes well.
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Our handy guide to virtual moderating.
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Find answers to commonly asked questions for speakers, moderators & attendees!
All registered delegates can access the platform here.
Virtual Platform
Contains information introducing our virtual event platform, Pathable
View the 2021 IMC Programme
The full academic programme for IMC 2021 can be found here.
IMC Programme
Check out the Call for Papers for IMC 2022 when the special thematic focus will be 'Borders'.
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