IMC 2002: Sessions

Session 104: Later Medieval Death and Burial in North West Europe, I

Monday 8 July 2002, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:University of Reading
Organiser:Barney Sloane, English Heritage, London
Moderator/Chair:Roberta Gilchrist, Department of Archaeology, University of Reading
Paper 104-aThe Urban Christian Cemetery: The Archaeology of Hull Austin Friary
(Language: English)
David Evans, Humber Archaeology Partnership, Hull
Index terms: Archaeology - Sites, Monasticism, Religious Life
Paper 104-bThe Archaeological Evidence for Medieval European Jewish Burial Practice: Evidence from Jewbury, York
(Language: English)
Jane Mary McComish, York Archaeological Trust
Index terms: Archaeology - Sites, Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Religious Life
Paper 104-cAspects of Medieval Islamic Burial in Europe
(Language: English)
Timothy Insoll, School of Arts, Languages & Cultures, University of Manchester
Index terms: Archaeology - Sites, Islamic and Arabic Studies, Religious Life

schedule on 8th July. Do not clash with 218 or 219