IMC 2004: Sessions

Session 120: Clashing Cultures?: Gender and Courts in the Later Middle Ages

Monday 12 July 2004, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Hilton Shepherd Postgraduate Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Birmingham
Organiser:Miriam Müller, Department of Medieval History, University of Birmingham
Moderator/Chair:Michael Evans, School of History, University of Reading
Paper 120-aA Medieval Glass Ceiling?: Women and Business in Medieval England, 1350-1500
(Language: English)
Richard M. Goddard, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Nottingham
Index terms: Economics - Trade, Economics - Urban, Gender Studies, Social History
Paper 120-bRe-Imagining Gendered Discourse as Deguileville's Âme Stands Trial
(Language: English)
Josephine E. Mayer, Department of English, University of Birmingham
Index terms: Gender Studies, Language and Literature - Comparative, Law, Social History
Paper 120-cWomen in a Male Sphere?: Gender and Authority in the Manorial Court
(Language: English)
Miriam Müller, Department of Medieval History, University of Birmingham
Index terms: Economics - Rural, Gender Studies, Local History, Social History

This session aims to explore the roles, rights and dealings of women in the public sphere from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. One aim of the session is to challenge traditional perceptions of medieval women as downtrodden or marginalised, by looking at records from the public sphere, mainly records or narratives of court proceedings. Comparative analywomen operated within (namely, say rural and urban). On another level the nature of gendered assumptions about female involvement in public affairs will be explored. One question might well be whose assumptions of gendered roles and spaces we might be dealing with here, those of historians, or those of medieval contemporaries.