IMC 2007: Sessions

Session 528: Cities in Western and Eastern Europe: Situations and Relations

Tuesday 10 July 2007, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:IZMS (Interdisciplinary Centre for Medieval Studies), Universität Salzburg
Organiser:Ulrich Müller, Institut für Germanistik, Universität Salzburg
Moderator/Chair:Ulrich Müller, Institut für Germanistik, Universität Salzburg
Paper 528-aKiev in the Middle Ages: Cultured 'Eastern' City?
(Language: English)
Ursula Bieber, Institut für Slawistik, Universität Salzburg
Index terms: Language and Literature - Slavic, Local History, Printing History
Paper 528-bDer Mönch von Salzburg: A Diplomat of Politics and Culture from Salzburg for Prague and Avignon or the Other Way Round?
(Language: English)
Siegrid Schmidt, Institut für Germanistik, Universität Salzburg
Index terms: Local History, Politics and Diplomacy, Teaching the Middle Ages
Paper 528-cPilgrim II of Puchheim from Salzburg: Archbishop and Patron of the Arts
(Language: English)
Irma Trattner, Kunst-, Musik- und Tanzwissenschaft, Universität Salzburg
Index terms: Art History - Decorative Arts, Education, Local History

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