IMC 2012: Sessions

Session 699: CARMEN: Successes, Plans, and Opportunities - A Round Table Discussion

Tuesday 10 July 2012, 13.15-14.00

Sponsor:CARMEN Worldwide Medieval Network
Organiser:Simon Forde, Brepols Publishers, Turnhout
Moderator/Chair:Elizabeth M. Tyler, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York

This round table discussion is open to all medievalists, particularly those interested in creating international collaborative projects, or in joining existing or prospective projects. In particular the round table will present draft proposals for a CARMEN Graduate School, offering an umbrella for high-quality distance-learning courses, summer schools and suchlike for medievalists worldwide.

CARMEN brings together institutions and individual medievalists from across the world and helps them find suitable international partners for collaborative projects. During this round table CARMEN is seeking input from old and new partners about how CARMEN can respond to the challenges medievalists are facing, and ways in which international collaboration can be productive for them.

In its short existence, CARMEN has already been successful in generating million-euro research projects and developing strategies for framing research in ways that are attractive to policy-makers and national and international funding agencies. It has recently become an active lobbyist at European level for the interests of humanities and social sciences researchers.

This round table will provide information on current and prospective research projects developing under CARMEN’s auspices and will describe the ‘match-making’ activities during its forthcoming Annual Meeting on 7-8 September 2012 in Budapest.