IMC 2013: Sessions

Session 1005: Social, Political, and Cultural Exchanges: Ireland, Britain, and the Wider World in the Later Middle Ages, I - Regionalism and English Lordship: Distinctions and Parallels

Wednesday 3 July 2013, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:Medieval History Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin
Organiser:David Ditchburn, Department of History, Trinity College Dublin
Moderator/Chair:Chris Given-Wilson, St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies, University of St Andrews
Paper 1005-aPolicy and Practice in the Later Plantagenet Lordships
(Language: English)
David Green, Centre for British Studies, Harlaxton College, University of Evansville
Index terms: Administration, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 1005-bThe English Crown and the Problem of the Scots
(Language: English)
Alastair Macdonald, School of Divinity, History & Philosophy, University of Aberdeen
Index terms: Local History, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 1005-cAlien Priories: French and Scottish Interests in Ireland, 1295-1414
(Language: English)
Paul Seage, Department of Historical Studies, University of Bristol
Index terms: Politics and Diplomacy, Religious Life

This session explores the ways in which the tensions between different regions of the English polity were played out. It also examines the extent to which there was continuity of approach between centre and periphery. The first paper will offer a comparative exploration of policies and practices in the various lordships governed by the English crown. The second paper will explore the value of stressing the distinctiveness and particularity of the challenge Scotland presented for the English crown after 1296. The final paper will consider the fate of alien priories in Ireland, and the ways in which their experience was different from and similar to those in the wider English realm.