IMC 2013: Sessions

Session 314: Emplaced Desire: The Pleasures of Place in Medieval Britain

Monday 1 July 2013, 16.30-18.00

Organiser:Robert A. Rouse, Department of English, University of British Columbia
Moderator/Chair:Megan Leitch, School of English, Communication & Philosophy, Cardiff University
Paper 314-aSeeking Jerusalem: Desire and Pleasure in Place
(Language: English)
Robert A. Rouse, Department of English, University of British Columbia
Index terms: Crusades, Geography and Settlement Studies, Language and Literature - Middle English
Paper 314-bThe Pleasures of Being in Place and the Anxieties of Being out of Place: Christian Relics in Muslim Contexts
(Language: English)
Siobhain Bly Calkin, Department of English, Carleton University, Ontario
Index terms: Crusades, Language and Literature - Middle English, Language and Literature - Latin

Troy, Jerusalem, Rome, Micklegarth, Canterbury, Santiago: the list of desired places in medieval British culture represents a series of deep cultural and religious longings for place. Narrative of origin, imperial glory, and personal salvation are mapped onto a landscape of memorable and significant places, producing a world striated with desire, The papers in this panel will explore the ways in which the cultural desire for places are encoded in the discourse of pleasure, suggesting ways in which we can read medieval world through the currents and flows of desire.