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IMC 2016: Sessions

Session 303: Cross-Cultural Transmission in Nubian Culture, III: Art and Architecture

Monday 4 July 2016, 16.30-18.00

Organiser:Alexandros Tsakos, Institutt for Arkeologi, Historie, Kultur - og Religionsvitenskap, Universitetet I Bergen
Moderator/Chair:Adam Simmons, Department of History, Lancaster University
Paper 303-aIn Search of Master-Builders of the Nubian Churches: A Sketch Representation of a Plan from Faras Cathedral
(Language: English)
Piotr Makowski, Instytut Archeologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Uniwersytet Warszawski
Index terms: Archaeology - Sites, Architecture - Religious, Art History - Decorative Arts

Influences on Nubian culture can be seen through the abundance of art and architecture found in the Nile Valley. They reflect upon the transmission of ideas and can also reflect upon the geo-political state of Nubia. This session analyses some themes that can be drawn from such material. The first paper examines the nature of Nubian church architecture from the point of view of its builders.